ATTIS.MOT – Evaluation and Motivation

ATTIS.MOT module is a specialised tool for motivating and engaging employees to continually improve the organisation’s performance. Individual employees can be assigned to specific goals (personal KPI’s), to monitor their performance, and therefore form the basis of motivation and evaluation system based on their performance monitoring. At the same time, competency models can be created and managed in the system, and employees can be evaluated on the basis of their competencies.

Employee card

The ATTIS.MOT module allows each employee to create an individual card in the system. Employee cards are built on two pillars:

Evaluation results can also be used in the training process and introduce the ATTIS.MOT automatic connection with the Learning Management System or used as a basis for the payroll system.

Employee evaluation process

By building the competency model data structure, you’ll be able to use ATTIS.MOT as a support tool for the employee evaluation process. With controlled senior and subordinate interviews you can lead staff to achieve the desired results. ATTIS.MOT ensures evaluation regularity by setting any time schedules and their evaluation.

Performance measurement

Performance measurement helps to achieve the stated goals significantly. By creating individual performance indicators, the necessary employee involvement in the preparation and implementation of the strategy is ensured, while responsibilities are clearly defined to individual employees for fulfilling individual indicators based on the company’s stated goals.

The ATTIS.MOT module is focused on: